Locative Case / O kome, o čemu?

The locative case is used with prepositions. Some of the prepositions are used with the accusative but when added the specific meaning to the movement it will specify the locative case.

Declination for nouns in locative case are:

Masc. gen. singAdj. -om/emNoun -u
Masc. gen. pl.Adj. -imNoun -ima
Fem. gen. sing.Adj. -ojNoun -i
Fem. gen. pl. Adj. -imNoun -ama/ima
Neuter gen. sing.Adj. om/emNoun -u
Neuter gen. pl. Adj. om/emNoun -u

Locative case prepositions:

Na On, It, At

O About, Concerning

Po Through, With, By, After

Prema According to

U In, At

Locative Case pronouns:

O Meni /About meO Nama / About us
O Tebi / About youO Vama/ About you
O Njima / About them
O Njemu /About him
O Njoj / About her
O Njemu /About it

Locative Case Interrogative Pronouns:

O Kome/ About Whom

O Čemu / About What

Demonstrative Adjectives for Locative Case:

Masc. sOvom, Tom, OnomIn this one, that one, The one over there
Mas. plOvim, Tim, OnimThese ones, those ones, those ones /over there
Fem. sOvoj, Toj, OnojIn this one, that one, the one over there
Fem pl.Ovima, Tim, OnimaThese ones, Those ones, those ones /far away
Neu. s.Ovom, Tom, OnomThis one, That one, That one over there
Neuter pl.Ovima, Tim, OnimaThese ones, Those ones, Those over there

Example of Locative Case with and without prepositions:

  • Hvala na pitanju. / Thanks for asking
  • Živimo u Austriji već pet godina. / We’ve been living in Austria for five years already.
  • Po njegovom mišljenju Bosna nije sigurna država. / According to him Bosnia is not safe country.


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