Zagađenje zraka Sarajevo Dec., 2018 Al Jazeera

Questions about video:

  1. What is this video about?
  2. Who is Fikret Alić?
  3. How many people work on weather (air pollution) measurement in Bosnia?
  4. Beside Sarajevo what other cities mentioned are polluted in Bosnia?
  5. Why did journalist compare Sarajevo to Paris in a video?


  1. The video talks about the issue of air pollution in Bosnia and lack of government officials to provide necessary measure to reduce pollution and protect citizens who suffer cardiovascular illnesses caused by the toxic air.
  2. Fikret Alić is an inventor who invented a tool to measure toxic particles in air but does not have support of the government.
  3. Since the 80’s up to today there is only one individual working on the issue of air in Bosnia.
  4. Beside Sarajevo Tuzla and Konjic are also very polluted cities in Bosnia. But we don’t know how much as each city measure its own pollution and they don’t share information.
  5. The journalist compared the two cities to make a point that developed cities such as Paris proclaim an emergency when air reaches 400% less amount of pollution, in Sarajevo however that doesn’t happen (as the man in the video said measures are created that we can never reach them and therefore never have need to implement them).

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