Nationality / Nacionalnost Vocabulary

How do you say….A person from Sarajevo…

Bosnian cities are either masculine, feminine or neuter gender. When we refer to a person from that place we will add -nin for a male individual and for female we will add -anka  (a few exceptions are also included below). Names of the city that end on ca -> will change to -ča, ik -> ič, ce-> ča, ka ->ča or->ča.

A person from Sarajevo male: Sarajlija / female: Sarajka

A person from Tuzla male: Tuzlak/ female: Tuzlanka

A person from Banja Luka male: Banjalučanin/ female: Banjalučanka

A person from Čapljina male: Čapljinanin /female: Čapljinka

A person from Jablanica male: Jablaničanin / female: Jablaničanka

A person from Fojnica male: Fojničanin/ female: Fojničanka

A person from Zenica male: Zeničanin / female: Zeničanka

A person from Travnik male: Travničanin / female: Travničanka

A person from Mostar male: Mostarac / female: Mostarka

A person from Jajce male: Jajčanin / female: Jajčanka

A person from Bihać male: Bišćanin / female: Bišćanka

A person from Prijedor male: Prijedorčanin/ female: Prjedorčanka

A person from Bugojno male: Bugojanac / female: Bugojanka

A person from Goražde male: Goraždanin / female: Goraždanka

A person from Prozor male: Prozorčanin / female: Prozorčanka

A person from Foča male: Fočanin / female: Fočanka

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