‘Future II’ Tense

The regular compound future tense is composed of the auxiliary verb htjeti and the infinitive. Bosnian language also has the second future tense (futur II). Future II is composed of the auxiliary budem + participle. It is used in subordinate clauses after conjunction suggesting future completion of some action but we don’t know for sure if the action will happen (we assume its completion).

 Future II ;

Budem Budemo

Futur II is usually used with KAD / When or AKO / If to express an idea of some action which will trigger another action. Meaning, when you do or complete something, then something else will happen. Kad + future II + Participle + remainder of the sentence. See examples;

  • Kad budem išao na more, povest ću i tebe sa sobom. / When I go to the sea (beach) I will take you with me.
  • Kad budeš imao zabavu, pozovi i mene. / When you have a party, invite me also.
  • Kad budu bili pametniji, bit će pozvani na zabavu. / When they become smarter, they will be invited to the party.

Sentences with Ako / If are created by Ako + Future II + conj. verb in present tense or participle + remainder of the sentence;

  • Ako budu pametni naučit će gradivo. / If they are (will be) smart they will learn the subject matter.
  • Donijet ću ti poklon ako budem išla na Havaje / I will bring you a gift if I go (end up going) to Hawaii.
  • Ako bude sreće, javit će mi se. / If there (will be) is luck, he/she will call me.

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