Conditional in Bosnian

In Bosnian there are three ways to express conditional sentences. If A happen then the B will happen or the speaker will state the condition and then he/she comments on his/her perception of the consequent result.

Real condition / conditional sentences

The real conditional sentence in Bosnian refers to the sentence that involves a real condition which creates prediction. The condition may not take a place but the speaker fully believes that the result stated in the result stated will ensure. Sentences in real conditional case are phrased in the present with an eye to the near future but they can also be stated in the past. Verbs can take any forms instead of exact future. With the ‘real’ condition sentences we will use conjunction ‘Ako/if, kad/when, li, ukoliko/if.’

Example of real conditional sentences:

  • Ako bude padala kiša, onda nećemo ići. / If it rains then we won’t go.
  • Zovi me ako stigneš na vrijeme. / Call me if you arrive on time.
  • Ako si htjela putovati, zašto nisi rekla?

Colloquial expressions:

  • “Ide k’o halva.” – when something goes without problems.
  • Šta hodaš k’o muha bez glave.” – When you are disoriented, not knowing what to do first.
  • Glava mu k’o cocinj bubanj. ” – True or abstract notion of someone with a BIG head.
  • Blehno k’o tele u šarena vrata. ” – When someone stares.
  • Brži mu jezik od pameti. ” – When someone is quick and says everything without thinking.
  • Jesi tup k’o ćuskija. ” – An insult, telling someone that they are not very bright.
  • Zatvori vrata, nisi se rodio na čamcu. ” – Usually said by elderly who are concerned about the heat. Close the door, you were not born on a boat (as boat does not have doors).
  • “Ko te ne zna skupo bi te platio ” – When someone ‘shines’ like a diamond but you know they are only cubic zirconia.
  • Svakom loncu poklopac ” – When you assume reputation that you can’t keep your mouth shut and tell everything to everyone.
  • Uzeti furseta. ” – When you think you are just the best, you are the big deal.
  • “Gluho i daleko bilo ” – When you get worried that something bad could happen to you or your family.
  • Od oka or Ofrlje – Bosnian woman do not use measuring cups, they rather pour a ‘bit’ of salt, a ‘bit’ of sugar… od oka means from one’s eye.
  • Jazuk ” – Too bad.
  • Pamet u glavu ” – Something your parents would tell you. Be well behaved.
  • “Takav mi grah pao ” – You may not necessarily like it, but you accept your faith.
  • Malo sutra” – Yeah, right! (eye roll)
  • Grdne rane ” – feeling sorry or complaining about oneself.
  • Izvaliti nešto “ – To make a joke,
  • ” Interesčija ” – A person who socializes with someone only because of their own private gain.
  • “Ćeif” – Something that you and only you enjoy in.
  • “Rahat ” – Free, joyful, stress free
  • ” Frajer ” Good looking man
  • Jaran ” – Buddy, Friend
  • ” Raja ” – Buddies, Friends
  • ” Fuj ” – Yuck, Ew
  • “Baš ” – Original, real, authentic
  • “Blamirati ” – To humiliate yourself, to make fun of oneself
  • Folirati se ” – To think highly of oneself
  • Sfušeriti “ – To do a bad job, to do something quickly just to get rid of it…
  • Šta fali “ – expression of a person who wants to do something even though they were told not to, translation: why not
  • Tobejarabi” – OMG, Asking God for forgivness
  • “Daj, ne zezaj!”– Are you serious
  • Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe ” – It will never happen.
  • Živ,a,o ” – A child that is hyper, cheerful, and busy