Traveling to Bosnia

Bosnia is a great place to visit. Bosnia is still not in the EU Schengen Zone which makes it a bit harder to get to sometimes but don’t let that discourage you. For a true experience of this (non) European country you will save lots of $$ as the prices are very low in comparison to other Western European countries. You will encounter an excellent service and amazing food, not to mention the rich history and culture. Because of this in 2017 alone, Bosnia attracted close to 1,307,319 tourists. Please click below to see when is the best time to travel to Bosnia, where to stay, and what places to visit to maximize your true Bosnian experience.

Places To Visit

  • Sarajevo — is the national capital; a multi-cultural European city that incorporates both Eastern and Western culture. Mosques, Churches and Synagogues are only steps away from each other which gives this city a truly unique flair.
  • Banja Luka — the second largest city serves as the capital of Republika Srpska and the gateway to the North. Banja Luka is a home to the oldest mosque in Bosnia,
    Ferhat Pasha Mosque which was built in the 16th Century. This city has also a very rich nightlife.
  • Bihać — For adrenaline and adventure lovers there is no better city to visit than Bihać. Bihać is located in the North-East region of Bosnia bordering with Croatia and is surrounded by an impressive and one of the kind nature in this region. It is only 30 minutes away from the famous Plitvice Lakes – the most beautiful natural falls in Croatia.
  • Jajce — Jajce is an old town located in the Central Bosnia. What is unique abut this town is that it was the capital city of the Kingdom of Bosnia from the 14th century. The town is covered in mountainous with 17 meter high waterfall in the city center as well as numerous historical sights including the Castle from the Medieval times. Every tourist should stop by to visit this town when in Bosnia.
  • Mostar — The most popular city in the South of Bosnia. This old town is located on Neretva River and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Old Bridge in Mostar is its main tourist attraction. The bridge connecting two sides of the city was destroyed during the war in the 90’s but is now renovated and is a host to many diving events including the Red Bull Cliff Diving.
  • Neum — the only coastal town, with sandy beaches backed by steep hills
  • Počitelj — Only a short drive (30 km) from Mostar, Počitelj is very impressive to those who wish to experience a true Bosnian food, drinks, culture and walk on the wall that was built between the 16th to the 18th century. Architecturally, the stone-constructed parts of the town are a fortified complex, in which two stages of evolution are evident: medieval, and Ottoman.

Where To Stay